Frequently Asked Question’s

Who are Viger products for?
Anyone who desires beautiful, healthy, strong, long hair. Our products focus on cleansing, conditioning, and protecting the hair.

How do I know what shampoo and conditioners are best for my hair?
The Supreme Cream shampoo and conditioner (Moisturizing) are best for normal to dry hair. They’re proven to hydrate, soften, detangle and prepare hair for heat styling. The Hydra Nourish (Protein &Moisture) shampoo and conditioner are for fine, limp, damaged and colored hair. Hair will be strengthened, hydrated and detangled.

When should I use the Reconstructing Mask?Weekly/Biweekly for damaged hair; Monthly for damage prevention. (Apply with heat…steam preferred)

Should I use heat protectant?
Always! Our Oil Therapy or the Xtra Protect Shield will aid in the protection of your hair before heat styling. Both will protect against heat damage. You can choose one or apply both if the hair is week and damaged.

What’s the difference between Oil Therapy and the Xtra Protect?
Oil Therapy is a 100% natural, organic daily treatment that offers heat protection naturally. This treatment is used to keep hair smoothed and conditioned. It also aids in the prevention of dry ends and breakage. This formula hydrates, protects and strengthens hair. The treatment is also used as a growth stimulant for the scalp. Oil Therapy adds weightless shine while nourishing hair with daily use. The Xtra Protect is an amazing product that acts as a band-aid between the hair and heat. This serum should ONLY be applied the day you heats style your hair. Its was created to seal in moisture and protect the hair from heat damage.

Can I use Xtra protect and Oil therapy at the same time?

Yes, after the hair is towel dried; apply a pea sized amount of Xtra protect before blow-drying. Before flat ironing or curling apply one pea sized amount or smaller of the Oil Therapy evenly over hair.

What products should I use daily to treat my hair?

To maintain strong, healthy hair we recommend the daily use of our Oil Therapy or The Miracle Moisture crème (extra dry hair). Both of these products are made with natural healing properties that will keep your hair protected and conditioned.

All are products are Sulfate and Paraben Free